Anna Givens
Anna Givens

Anna Givens' All Stars

Anna Givens All Stars.  That's the name I use when I go out and book my "me-as-the-bandleader" gigs and that's how I think of my band. 


Right from the start, I've been lucky enough to play with the best musicians working in my neighborhood - northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan; Toledo, Detroit, and Cleveland, cities long known for their unique contributions to American music.  Some of these musicians have been at the end of their careers like my Big Daddy, the late legendary Detroit pianist Claude Black, and some have been at the very beginning like rising keyboard star Josh Silver, some are in their prime, like woodwind master Paul DeVee.  And, I'm happy to say, there have been many more.


Over the years, we've made some amazing music together and in the process forged some very deep bonds.  Now, when I book a gig, I draw from this pool of spectacular players for my band.  We've played some great gigs ranging from hot, intimate night clubs to beautiful, sunny outdoor festivals; extravagent, glamorous parties to elegant weddings.  And the music has been outasight thanks to these marvelous people who have become part of my life.

You can find us here:

Contact AnnaGalena Street Music
1103 Wayne St
Sandusky, OH 44870


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